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Government Grants Writers

Below are our government grant writing packages.

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Select services  – Grants Research and Compliance Check – can be purchased a la carte. Contact our offices for pricing.

COVID19 Special – Nonprofits with budgets under $100,000 will receive a 20% discount for a limited time. 

In search of a skilled, professional grant writer with a proven track record of success?


You’ve come to the right page. Grant writing is an art that requires a diverse set of specialized skills and intimate knowledge of the philanthropic sector. Think about it would you put your best pitcher on the mound for the championship game or a player who has barely learned the fundamentals of a pitching?

Yet, nonprofits do this everyday. They take a chance on a novice and come up empty handed and end up back at square one.


Let our grants specialist level the playing field. 


At Hire A Grant Writer, we guarantee that your proposal will be well-composed, meet the funder’s criteria and adhere to industry best practice placing your agency in the strongest possible position for a win. Government grants involve a complex process. Our grants specialists have working knowledge of government practices, nomenclature, formatting, compliance and set pre-requisites that need to be in place before an application can even be submitted. 


Grants are a critical segment of the funding pool that fuels the important work of nonprofits. Don’t be fooled, have a knowledgeable professional on your side. 

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