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 Grant writing www.hireagrantwriter.org  is an essential resource for any thriving nonprofit. Grant writers do more than tell stories, write and organize. They are the instrumental link between all aspects of a nonprofits success for their work is linked to every function of the agency. From programs to finance to administration and ultimately to those the agency serves. Grant writer are the champions that shape the narrative and bring it before those who can help the vision become a reality.


Whether your a new, emerging or established agency, we can all agree grants can become an incredible lifeline for your success. Yet, why do more than half of nonprofits fail or stall within just the first few years? According to Forbes, this is due to lack of access to quality talent that has the requisite acumen to move the needle forward. 



Why drive yourself crazy trying to figure out the formula that will bring you a grant win? Call on our skilled grant writers who not only can organize and prepare a strong application, they are seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge of the nonprofit industry and best practice. 


At Hire A Grant Writer, we don’t just churn applications aka the grant mill approach. It simply doesn’t work and is a quick recipe for failure. Why write hoping something sticks? Rather, write with purpose, pursuing only those opportunities that align with your passion, programs and goals. 


We understand for most nonprofits every dollar matters. By choosing Hire A Grant Writer, you’re making an investment into the future growth of your agency. Every one of our grant specialists are pre-vetted with proven wins and awards by our resident experts who have successfully won millions across all philanthropic areas – government grants/ contracts, corporate/ private foundations and sponsorships.


Let’s write to fund your vision together.  

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Our Services

Grant Writing

Have a grant opportunity with a fast approaching deadline? Our grants specialists will help you finish strong and on time. Select from one of our affordable grant writing plans or customize.

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Grants Research

Unsure where to find funding opportunities that fit your agency? Put our grants specialists and resources to work for you. With tailored searches, we will find funders that connect with your vision.

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Government Funding

Overwhelmed by the complex process of applying for government grants? Let our grants specialists help you weed through all the red tape, meet compliance and submit a brilliant application.

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Grants Analysis

Hitting a funding wall? Unsure why you keep getting denial after denial. Benefit from a comprehensive proposal analysis or compliance audit to place your agency in a stronger funding position.

Inspired and looking to start a nonprofit?

Unsure where to start?

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Let Hire A Grant Writer get you on established the right way. 1 out of 5 nonprofits are set up incorrectly and only discover this when they are hit with a fine. Every state has different requirements to establish a nonprofit. We give you the advantage with the application of industry norms and philanthropic insight to your formation process. Click on the appointment button to get started.